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cathay pacific classement

No longer can Cathay claim to be a premium airline. The CS said the earliest next flight for me is 2 September, way pass my 36-week of pregnancy. Avis sur la compagnie aérienne Cathay Pacific. Last year Cathay cancelled our flight from Fukuoka, Japan to Hong Kong because their plane’s engine could not be fixed. HAHN AIR refuse le remboursement,... Juste scandaleux !!! I found out later that other Cathey passengers who got bumped off their flights after my case got offered flights much earlier than this, even as early as 11 August. Otherwise you can use this tool to manage. To allow all cookies click OK. Apprendre l'évaluation des passagers, raconter son vol sans enregistrement. Restez avec nous. The replacement flight was sub standard and there was no compensation for the long delay. Je voudrais recevoir les informations sur les offres spéciales, les promotions et les services supplémentaires par e-mail/téléphone.Vous pouvez annuler l’inscription à la newsletter dans la section « Mon compte » soit suivant le lien dans un des courriels. Subscribe Now! Avis des pasagers sur la compagnie aérienne Cathay Pacific. 19 days ago. We have placed cookies on your device to enhance your browsing experience. 11 days ago, - 1.Horrific check-in experience at Mumbai.. the guy even insisted on weighing my wife’s brown paper bag with sandwiches… and they ended up charging us $$$ in excess… in fact, more than the cost of another ticket First to start with my luggage was man handled and the holder was taken off. I should have left it there. Pour améliorer notre site, personnaliser le contenu et les annonces publicitaires, nous utilisons les cookies. Un SMS avec le code de confirmation sera envoyé au numéro indiqué, Le code de confirmation est valide au cours de 5 minutes qui suivent sa réception. Love Switzerland and the DC-3? We were kept waiting for over 6 hours before they told us this news. You can remove any cookies already stored on your computer, but these may prevent you from using parts of our website. Learn more. And.. Halfway through the flight, they ran out of soap in the Business class bathrooms.. yep! A Fuir, VOLEURS, MENTEURS et HORS LA LOI Sadly I did not have a good experience in a recent trip to and from Hong Kong. Flight attendants were slack, impolite and lazy. Book flights to Hong Kong, Manila, Bangkok, Cebu, Vancouver and other destinations with Cathay Pacific. Rating indépendant de la compagnie aérienne Cathay Pacific. This is either a lie or an act of negligent. Statistiques des retards et de l'annulation des vols Cathay Pacific. We use cookies to make our website easier for you to use. Nous sommes en train de préparer le lancement d’un nouveau service – vente des billets de bus.Très bientôt sur notre site! Booked Business class from Mumbai to Hong Kong. En poursuivant votre navigation sur ce site, vous acceptez l’utilisation de cookies conformément à la Politique de confidentialité. Cathay Pacific is one of the world's 's major full service airline. A bowl of boiled, unseasoned pasta does not constitute a decent dinner! Secondly the leg from hk to ccu was Cathay dragon, the air hostess was so lazy that inspite of asking for water for 4-5 times I still did not get it. 7 days ago, - No compensation was offered. The ONLY airline rating that includes COVID-19 safety ratings! How fast and comfortable was the check-in? Use the slider below to see the different types of cookies you can choose to allow. We are collecting cookies for marketing purposes. I was traveling from jfk to ccu via Hong Kong 2 days back. Option JavaScript de votre navigateur est désactivée!!! Luckily one of the ground crew was much more responsive after more pleading and was eventually able to assist, but the whole process left a sour taste… Then you will love this! Landing, comfortable transfer to the terminal, Seats comfort, distance between the seats, The presence of sockets, the Internet access, Assistance to passengers in case of flight delay / cancellation, In case of lost baggage - help to search for it, Format de numéro de téléphone 33ХХХХХХХХХ. I have flown with Cathay Pacific previously and each time the flights have been delayed; this was the worst. - My bag was of 200$ and it was an extra luggge for which I paid 220$. The only place in the world to get ALL Airline Safety Ratings in one place! Following our arrival home, my wife and I both had food poisoning; the only thing we ate in common was the airline food! Would you recommend this airline to your friends? un problème de bagage non livré a Venise .4 jours sans... Indiquez votre adresse e-mail et le système vous enverra le lien pour réinitialiser le mot de passe, Le lien de réinitialisation du mot de passe sera envoyé à l'adresse e-mail indiquée au bout de quelques minutes, Correlation of provided service and ticket price, Punctuality of flights and their match with the schedule. I have pictures of that but not sure how to upload it. En cliquant sur "Enregistrement" j'accepte les termes des Conditions générales de services et j'autorise le traitement de mes données personnelles et leur communication aux tiers (transporteur aérien, etc.). AirlineRatings’ thoughts on the MH370 tragedy aired on the BBC, See Airline & Safety Ratings for Cathay Pacific. After looking at the bag and the inside objects I wonder why did I pay. Pour plus d’informations sur les conditions d’utilisation de données personnelles cliquez ici. They coldly kicked a heavily pregnant woman out of the flight with no alternative remedy and separated her from her disabled mother without taking any responsibility. Asia-Pacific airline bosses back global COVID testing regime, Korean Air to buy rival Asiana in market revamp, FAA warns airlines of disinfection safety risks, New color images revealed of the giant of aerospace, Colour video of the magnificent stratocruiser jumbo of the 1950s, If you love flying you will love this DC-3 video, Glamorous flight attendants show off aircraft, In-flight entertainment in the golden age of flying, Colourizing Qantas’s first 707 delivery flight. See the Top 100 airline ratings 2019. Find out more about the safety and on board product of the Hong Kong airline. Subscribe Now! 3/ the food quality on the flight was, at times, quite awful. Cookies are very small text files that are stored on your computer when you visit some websites. 2/ the check-in staff were unsympathetic and unhelpful when I pleaded for my wife and I to be given adjacent seats. Veuillez activer JavaScript, et ensuite mettre la page à jour. View the World's 100 Best Airlines 2019 as rated by air travelers in the global airline passenger satisfaction survey. I am afraid to say I will avoid flying with this carrier again. 1/ the flight was delayed 7+ hours without explanation, resulting in us cancelling our long-arranged dinner reservation and losing an afternoon’s vacation time. We later found the delay was caused by crew illness. eg. The ONLY airline rating that includes COVID-19 safety ratings! You can also manage bookings and view your frequent flyer account online. Cathay’s customer service attitude and its business ethic during the COVID crisis are appalling. I do not even want to get into on what all was damaged in the luggage. Compagnie aérienne Cathay Pacific. 2.Onboard experience was just pathetic, causing me to wonder how is it possible for a once great airline to now be so Bad and substandard. The only place in the world to get ALL Airline Safety Ratings in one place! 6 days ago, -

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